Baker Institute, Melbourne

Baker Institute, Melbourne

Part of a large hospital complex this research institute comprises a nest of 3 multi-storey buildings.

The complex was formerly a Johnson Metasys system comprising a mixture of outdated N2 devices and unsupported Johnson LON devices.

We deployed multiple JACEs as LON interfaces and simply ‘discovered’ and integrated several hundred legacy VAV controllers. Now that Tridium is managing the LON network it is a very simply matter to deploy any other brand of LON vav if necessary.

The Johnson N2 controllers that were spread throughout the complex were migrated to the field JACEs to reduce the site complexity. Each building in the complex is now self-contained and doesnt have to rely on data from another NCM controller in another building. Tridium comfortably runs multiple protocols in any JACE so there are also modbus interfaces to metering and Bacnet to a Trane BCU that delivers data from chillers.

Because the project included mapping 5000 points we wrote special provisioning code inside Tridium Program objects that opens the old Metasys DDL files and parses them to ‘re-create’ the controller and points database in a Tridium station.

In less that 30 seconds at the press of a button we can import an entire NCM including controller addresses, point names, point addresses, and default setpoints. We are now also working on a Siemens Apogee version as well.