Our Policies

Open Control Systems? … How open is your building automation platform if it is locked up with passwords and proprietary programming tools? At Ronin Control Systems we will ensure that all the required tools are installed and unlocked…it’s ‘open’ and it’s yours.

Lon or Bacnet? … each have their relative merits. Ronin are ‘protocol agnostic’…we don’t believe in one protocol over another.

Vendor Independence …Ronin controls will liaise with system primary suppliers to deliver support for your control system at the highest possible level.

Our philosophy is to service and maintain the existing DDC installation base and to leverage the in-built strengths that each BAS product suite offers.

Our Strategies

Keep the existing controls working.

  • support from OEM’s and system vendors
  • ongoing maintenance

Make the control system deliver useful and coherent information.

  • HLI, high level interface
  • Modbus, power meter integration
  • relevant graphics and trends
  • access to setpoints and adjustments

Make sure the user can achieve what they need.

  • reduce carbon footprint
  • energy reporting
  • off-site access via the Web
  • email and SMS alarms
  • timely breakdown service response