Ronin Control Systems are now SkySpark Value Added Resellers



With SkySpark you know how your buildings, equipment systems, and devices are really operating and where and how you can improve performance.

SkySpark can be used in a wide variety of applications with systems of all types and is not tied to any one manufacturer‘s products or devices.

Applications include building commissioning, equipment fault detection, energy analysis, load profiling, facility benchmarking, asset performance tracking, and carbon and greenhouse gas reporting.


The first step to apply SkySpark is to aggregate and organize your data into a unique customized database we call Folio which efficiently manages your real-time and time-series data. Easily import your data from Excel, CSV, relational databases, and connect to real time data via standard protocols including BACnet IP™, oBIX, Modbus TCP, Haystack and Sedona.

Instead of relying on conventional database schemas, meaning and relationships – “semantics” – is accomplished using “tags”. Tags are added to data items as needed to convey definitions and associations. For example an air handler might have tags that define its location (site, building, floor), fact that it is an electric load, manufacturer, capacity, schedule, associated control parameters, etc. Records can have as many tags as needed and new tags can be added ad hoc whenever needed. Tags provide the hooks that the analytics engine uses to correlate and analyze the data.